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"Valerie is simply the best.
Her professionalism, knowledge, 
expertise, and dedication 
to her students & clients are unparalleled."

Taking great care to provide a comment for every single movement on every single test, so the rider knows exactly why I gave the score I did, and/or what they can do to improve that score. 


  • USDF "L" Graduate with Distiniction

  • Completed USEF "r" Judging Program



All levels of riders and all breeds 

of horses welcome. Valerie enjoys teaching anyone who wishes to learn how to develop a harmonious relationship with their equine partner. Valerie is your eye on the ground with focus on rider biomechanics.



Beginner-safe ponies, quality Dutch imports, young investments & schoolmasters respresented honestly.  Please review our sold page to get an idea of the quality of horses we can find locally or import for you.

Making Dressage Simple... Logical and Fun Lessons for You & Your Horse
Coach and Judge
Valerie Swygert


Dressage is not boring and should never be harsh. Valerie Swygert’s B.A. in English with a Minor in Education, along with her intense riding education, the USDF and USEF judging programs, and her unique sense of humor, enable her to present riding theory in an enjoyable, easy to understand way. 


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