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Sale Barn


Tired of buying horses and realizing later you paid upwards of 20% in commissions?  Or scared to shop in Europe because you think the horses are too expensive?


Quality Dutch imports, beginner safe ponies, young investments & schoolmasters respresented honestly.  Valerie Swygert has forged a strong relationships in Holland to help find safe and FAIRLY PRICED warmbloods, and will arrange all the export services for you at a very reasonable fee.


Prospective buyers may come here as often as they wish, and any vet may come and perform any pre-purchase exam a potential buyer  may wish.  Payment plans may be available under some circumstances.  You will not find a more honest representation of sales horses anywhere.  Valerie takes great pride in keeping the horses competitively priced and matching suitable homes and riders for my equine friends.


Andalusian from Coves Darden to Jackie Harris.


Special thanks to Jennifer Baumert and Jackie's trainer, and Elaine Lash.

Sandro's Twilight


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