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Congratulations to Pat Thompson

Congratulations to Laurie Wettstone on the sale of her super horse Batman and to Pat Thompson of Beaufort on acquiring such a cool horse.  Laurie is a rockstar at finding and bringing along young talent! Can't wait to see what she does with Debit's colt Per Diem!


Congratulations to Jackie Harris on the purchase of Cohiba, a lovely 6 year old PRE stallion, shown here with Jennifer Baumert at Jackie's gorgeous Wellington facility. Jackie was great fun to shop with and Jenn is always super to do business (and pleasure!) with.

Milestone Socks

Congratulations to Kris Barrett and Dragonfly Farm for their importation of 3 lovely boys from Holland! From post-college roommates to business cohorts... Love you Kris!

My Alibi

Congratulations to Kris Barrett and Dragonfly Farm for their importation of 3 lovely boys from Holland! From post-college roommates to business cohorts... Love you Kris!


Congratulations to Kris Barrett and Dragonfly Farm for their importation of 3 lovely boys from Holland! From post-college roommates to business cohorts... Love you Kris!

Re Versa

Congratulations to Dori Derr and thanks to Jill Allard, for a quick and easy sale and I'm thrilled she is going to such a great home!

8 Year Old Gribaldi Mare

Thank you Laurie Hutchinson for trusting us to find your first import! Can't wait to see you on her!

Folie a Deux

congratulations and many, many thanks to Michelle Folden. Michelle and I have formed a partnership for "Blossom" In a few years, watch out!! Michelle's going to blow the doors off with this one...

Sandro's Twilight

and yet another congratulations to Lauren Palmer (and yet another thank you to Michelle Folden) on the purchase of "Thai." I'm excited to see your future together!


Thank you to Emma Fogler and Adrianne Mack for the referral of one of my all-time favorite mares, and thank you to owner Betsy Shrader for sending her here for me to ride and sell.


Good luck to her new owner (who also owns Catalina's brother) and congratulations!


Thank you to Dawn Jensen for your help in putting this sale together.

Una Voca

Congratulations to her new owner, with appreciation once again to Jennifer Baumert, who will remain her trainer. Jenn put her back into work after she foaled this past summer, and showed her successfully for me at training level in September while she was schooling first level stuff. By December, she had started playing with single flying changes and "Envy" looks like a million bucks!


Super flashy and fancy dark bay/black gelding with 3 (and 1/4!) socks, by Sir Liberty (Sandro Hit). Super talent, international caliber movement. Started under saddle; being prepped for the developing horse 4 year old classes. Full vetting including x-rays already done. Price will increase quickly with training/showing, starting around $45,000. "SOLD WITHIN FOUR WEEKS- THANK YOU MICHELLE FOLDEN, WHO IS NOW CAMPAIGNING HIM IN THE FEI 4 YEAR OLD CLASSES FOR HIS NEW OWNER."




After just six weeks with trainer Michelle Folden (he spent his first few months in America learning to jump and did some hunter shows)- Zen went to his first USDF show and won all his classes and achieved high score of the show with a 78%! Congratulations to Anna Rhodes on the purchase of this fabulous Gribaldi son, Zennadu. You're a lucky girl to get a super horse and to be able to stay in training with such a super trainer! I couldn't be more pleased with this match.


I'm very happy to announce Becky Shealy's new horse by Dream of Love has arrived safely from Holland.  Becky has nick-named this 18+ hand gentle giant "Tiny!"  She and her trainer, Amy McElroy, had a fabulous 4 day trip to the Netherlands.  I'm also pleased to say, we found this horse advertised elsewhere for over $150,000 and she paid WAY less than that!


Willow has found her new "Mom" with Nicole Parks in Atlanta, Georgia- many thanks to Halliea Milner and Brenda Kowal!


6 year old Quarter horse pony- has gone to Stone Ridge in the Greenville area to be with a wonderful trainer, Suzanne Stettler, and his new BFF, 7 year old Ella! Thanks to Sue Ellen Benson (former owner) and Suzanne!



We found the perfect horse in North Carolina...what is it with me and black mares this year??? This one's name is Hologram, she is a quiet 16.2 Canadian warmblood mare schooling second level.


Off to Charleston! Stephanie von Bidder of Daybreak Farm sold Karma for me, many thanks and best of luck to Sally Martin's student!


Congratulations to Percy's new owner in Texas; many thanks to Jennifer Baumert- she provided me with the most professional, easy, no-surprises owner-sales experience I have ever had.

Welcome “Truth Is” (Barclay)

from Up and Over Farm in Wagener/ Shea Drinkard. This 9 year old gelding is perfect for Jasmine Farm rider Sarah Bridges- who wants to fox hunt, do dressage, trail ride, and just enjoy her multi-talented horse.


Good luck Up and Over Farm! I hope she becomes everything you hope for.

11 year old Appendix gelding

Congratulations to Elana Williamson and her client; thank you Tommy Gesell and Jodi Hemry


Many thanks to Charlie and Wellington Show Stables for their help and congratulations on the purchase of "Indigo"!  What a lucky pony to get to live with you guys! Also many, many thanks to my dear friend Aileen Daly and Indigo's former owner.


She's off to Pennsylvania where she will be working with Lendon Gray's junior rider program!  Thank you to Stacy Larrson of Florida!


Congratulations again to Bruce Duchoissois on the purchase of Ladybug, the cutest and sweetest little 11 hand palomino Shetland/Welsh mare in the world- thank you CYNTHIA KEATING!


What a fun experience getting to know Miller's new mom, Erin Hensley!  What a trooper she was when the 16 hand Miller walked off the trailer and turned out to be 15.1 and underweight-  He sure was worth the extra TLC he needed- you should see him now!  And Erin says her young 4 year old son even rides him!  Thank you and congratulations, Erin!

Babe aka Blythewood

Thank you Bruce Duchoissois and Scott Culp of H and D Stables for selecting Blythewood ("Babe") to go live the life of luxury at their family's Barrington, Illinois estate giving pony rides to the grandkids.


Adios Bedazzle, off to your new life with a GREAT new mom, the lovely Miss Devine!  You both are lucky!

from Bedazzle's new owner: 
"The little princess is doing great! I love her more and more everytime I 
work with her. She's a quick learner!  We love 
Dazzle and we loved getting her from you! It was such a great experience!!"


What a pleasure it was to meet trainer Lynn Doki, her two lovely daughters, and Tinker's new mom Diana Thomson.  Good luck with your new boy! 

from Tinker's new owner:
"He's such a wonderful little guy, I just can't say enough good things about him.  I got on him yesterday for the first time in almost a week (I was away), and it was like he'd been ridden day before.   He tries so very hard to please, and is so quick to learn.  Sure can't fault his attitude."


Congratulations Keyna Chapel on the purchase of Tori- who came via Janina Raska (thanks Janina!)

Farther In Debt

The best, most perfect home ever has been found for "Trouble" - he is staying right here. :)  Congratulations, Alberta Investments!


Tex has a new owner, but not a new home, as he is staying here with our very own Helen Wells!  Congratulations Tex, you are very lucky to get such a great Mom!


Congratulations Dana Gessner on the purchase of Spyder! Thank you Aileen Daly for being such a wonderful friend.


Thank you to Tara Dawn Hazen on the purchase of Woody! It's been wonderful gettting to know you and I know what a wonderful home he'll have with you.


Congratulations Jessica Griffin of Augusta, Georgia!


Jasmine Farm is pleased to announce In the Glow's new owner, our very own talented Madeline Walker!  We know they'll have much fun together!

Vanity Fair

Congratulations to Elodie Huguet on the aquisition of her beloved Vanity Fair - you achieve every goal I set for you no matter how high I set it; 70%+ at shows!! I couldn't be more proud of the two of you and all your hard work. It's an honor to be your coach and your friend.


Hooray for Rachel Shaffer and Mistletoe aka "Holly" - what a wonderful match they are and a joy to train - shown here at their very first show on Valentine's.


Good luck David Beltran on your new colt... thank you Sue Ellen Benson!


Congratulations and good luck to Tiffany McWhirter of Atlanta, Georgia


Thank you Bonnie Morris of Hendersonville, North Carolina- I look forward to seeing you and Button at some dressage shows!

Best of Luck

Best of luck to Aiken Pony Clubber Tatiana Hoover and her mom Dr. Judith Hoover


Good luck Beth Winchell at Hidden Forest in Augusta- I'm sure Clifford will thrive with all the attention!

Good luck to Trueheart Farm

Good luck and thanks to Liz Carlin and Jill Allard of Trueheart Farm in Blythewood, SC on this horse of a lifetime. I look forward to watching her develop into an FEI horse!

Step ASide

CONGRATULATIONS to Sabra Holmes on the purchase of Step A Side! 


"Skipper" has made a very successful switch from a dressage horse to a junior hunter.  He and Sabra are in the top rankings in Zone 3 and have qualified for the National Horse Show!"


to Gerald Stucki of Aiken, on the purchase of Avanti.


Good luck to Kelli and Windsor, now in Pennsylvania!


Mary Schmidt of Warrenton, Virginia

Go With It

Cynthia Cubbage
Go With It, is going to Harriet Delaney's farm Chasin'


Hannah Braxton of Hampton, SC


Congratulations Augusta Riding Center, thank you Dr. Cindy  Brown of Aiken, SC


Jennifer and John Harte of Aiken, SC, thanks to Gina Salatino for her help.

To The Nines

Laura Ufford- who owned him once before and loves him so much she wanted him back!
Thank you Allison Johnson and Liz Mull of Lexington, SC


Congratulations Carla and Ginsey Britton from the Shakerag hunt in the Atlanta area!


Congratulations Donna Davidas on the purchase of Carolina!


Congratulations Ginny Chibbaro of Carlisle, South Carolina, thank you for one of the most pleasant sales experiences I've ever had!    A wonderful home for such a sweet horse.


Congratulations Jamie Wood best of luck to this pair in his new home in Irmo, South Carolina.


Congratulations Jessica Rutledge of Augusta, Georgia- big thanks to fellow Pony Club instructor and local trainer Cynthia Cubbage of Aiken!

Went South

Congratulations Gene and Judy Beaulieu
of Aiken, SC & Minneapolis, MN on the purchase of Went South


Congratulations Shaun Ghandia
with her new jumper prospect O'Tally.

Money Penny

Congratulations Best of Luck to Georgia Shampey of Blackville, SC on her new friend and teacher Penelope.  I am thrilled she is going to be living here at Jasmine Farm as she is one of my all time favorite ponies!!


Congratulations On the purchase of Pumpkin Lynn and Sean Burch of the Whiskey Road Foxhounds in Aiken, SC


Congratulations Dusty is going to Charleston, SC!


CONGRATULATIONS! Dan Hallman on the purchase of Gambler, 9 year old App gelding.


Travers sold today to Anna Chapman of Little Mountain, South Carolina, who rides with trainer Pamela Jefcoat.  Look for them eventing soon!  It's a great match.


Elizabeth Lubnow, thank you Laura Hall at Fulmer International.  


 Teleri's new owner is Joli Britt of Statesboro, Georgia
They will be doing some hunter stuff and possibly 
learning some dressage.


Aspen's new foxhunting partner is 
Jackie Wammock of Atlanta, Georgia.  
Jackie was great fun to work with.

Top Hat

Top Hat has "moved to the Charleston area to grace his new owner Catherine Hall with his saintliness.  Big thank you to trainer Bambi Rushton of St. George.


To the Smiths of Aiken, SC


Jeanne Garane, of Columbia, SC.
Special thanks to Annica Douglas and Mable John of Hickory Top Farm in Eastover, SC.


Korensa Tolbert of Thompson, GA


Dawn Mortimer, look for her daughter and Marco around Atlanta at the hunter shows!  Special thanks to Peggy Weldon of Market Creek Training and Sales 
in Mansfield GA (Atlanta area) and Court at the Camden Hunter Barn for their help in representing Remarkable.


To the McLane family on their purchase of
 the most perfect pony to ever live!


Katherine Gunter of Aiken, SC 
on the purchase of "Kiwi", 
8 year old imported New Zealand Thoroughbred. 


Ashley Kriegel with special thanks to trainer Kelly Bryant, both of Anderson, SC

Set Sail

Matt Martin of Atlanta, GA


Kayla Goodman on your championship 
leadline with Valentina.

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